Let's Tell Your Story

Lifestyle Photography for Families | Brand Photography for Entrepreneurs


It's important to find the right person to document your days.

Whether you want to capture your family or establish your brand, you deserve photos that tell your story.
It’s worth it to choose well because when you get it right, you can glance at a photo and instantly be transported back to that moment in time. Smells, sounds, and feelings come rushing back.

I Regularly Shoot:

✓ families
✓ corporate
✓ maternity

✓ content creators
✓ entrepreneurs
✓ headshots

✓ birthdays
✓ anniversaries
✓ celebrations

Anyone with a decent camera can control the shutter.

But creating the safe space where you'll be able to let go and allow your personality to shine through takes experience.

Chrissy Jardine specializes in utilizing natural light to bring the beauty to your session.

You're in the right place if you're looking for a photographer who can deliver photos that feel:

Light & Airy

Soft & Romantic

Coastal & Confident

It's so easy to get started:

1. Reach Out and Book Your Session
2. Decide on a Location. I travel all over the HRM
3. Share Your Photos & Feel Confident We've Captured Your Magic

I'm Chrissy Jardine, your photographer.

I'm a busy mom of two tiny humans and have been taking photos professionally for over ten years.

Brand and Lifestyle Photography are particularly important to me.

Growing up, we didn't prioritize documenting our family's escapades. I learned early on that life is just too short. I lost my Dad when he was only 52. The last family photo we have with him is one when I was only 8 years old.

When I became a Mom, it was more important to me than ever to make sure my family had important milestones and everyday moments captured on film.

What I miss having are the photos with my Dad that captured the giggles and glances. The hidden jokes and unspoken words. Life. Work. Play.

My goal is to create a time capsule of those moments for you. Theses are the moments that you don't see coming. They are the candid everyday memories that exist between those BIG moments. The delight that escapes when we let our guard down.

I may be a photographer but what I really do is make people feel comfortable. So that when I click, I capture the magic of the moment.

I help you relax so I can make sure we get images that show what life -- or business -- looks like for you right now.

Chrissy Jardine, Halifax Brand Photographer
Chrissy Jardine Photography, Halifax Lifestyle Photography, maternity photoshoot

Lifestyle Photography:

You're a busy Mama and your family means everything. You know you don't want to miss documenting life with your littles.

Or, as your family grows, you know how important it is to record each age and stage. No one wants to miss getting Grandma telling that joke. Or missing Uncle Mike tossing your kids into the air. I capture the moments your memories are made of. Take the time to book in your lifestyle session. You future self will be SO glad you did.

Brand Photography:

As a savvy entrepreneur, you understand the value of having a vault of professionally edited images that you can use across your marketing and all over Instagram.

What would it feel like to never having to worry about finding the right photo to share on social? Think about how confident you'll feel showing up for your followers. It goes without saying I'll hook you up with my favorite make up artist before your shoot. All you need to do is show up and smile!